The new methodologies in the intercultural communication education

The methodological researches in this field focused on how to develop the intercultural competence of
teachers and to-be-techers in order to enable them bridging the gap between the local and newcomer
children. The major finding of the research team (D3) and authors of the Training Manual (D4_1) on the
adaptation of migrants’ children was that the intercultural communication competence can function
only combining it with the social, psychological and other skills. Therefore, the teachers-trainers should
obtain knowledge about the culture and mentality of the schoolchildren ethnic groups. They also should
form their interest towards the ethnocultural diversity of Russia and the world. Besides, they should
consider that the intercultural communication recently has "migrated"; in the digital space.How to
achieve this goal? The young research team of MA students specialized on “the Internet technology in
policy and management” compiled a number of modern scenarios on it